Bocas del Toro: Unique and incomparable cultural destination

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If you are interested in the culture of the places you visit, Bocas del Toro won't disappoint you. Its unique history, beautiful architecture, ethnic roots and everything that stems from them, will surely exceed your expectations.

Bocas del Toro has a totally different culture from the rest of the country, in every aspect: the food, the music, the architecture and the history of Bocas are unmatched in the national context, just as is its ethnical composition, that has generated its own language, the guari-guari, with variations depending on the island or town, which is a mix of West Indian English, Spanish and indigenous words that, back in the day, was dominant in the area. The inimitable lifestyle, cool and calm, invites all our visitors to rest, physically and mentally, with no strict schedules, rush or stress, your vacation will be relaxing and reanimating so you can go back home totally reenergized.

The history of the Bocas’ islands is fascinating and includes the visit of the Admiral Christopher Columbus himself, in which would be his last trip to the New World, and in whose honor has been named the Admiral Bay as well as Colón Cristóbal islands (Colón is Columbus and Cristóbal is Christopher in Spanish).

Bocas is the only “wooden city” in the country. The anglo-caribbean architecture, of which our building is a representation, calls the attention for its singularity. Several buildings that exceeds the century mark, including ours, having defied two earthquakes, are living proof that, in a time where technology wasn’t that advanced, design, material selection and fine work, would guarantee the durability of the houses and buildings.

About cultural and sporting activities, you would also find them in Bocas, as you would in any other small town in the country. District and provincial tournaments of football (soccer), baseball, softball, basketball and volleyball are held periodically, besides the national and international surf circuit championships. You can also enjoy games of the national baseball youth and major league championship visiting Changuinola for a day or two. Activities such as Farmers’ Week, Independence Day and Bocas Anniversary (3, 4 & 16 Nov.), Carnival and the Sea Fair, which is held annually in mid-September and is unique to the country, besides special events with local and visiting artists, is a great way of having a deeper cultural experience in Bocas.

If a big part of your travel relies on enjoying the culinary experience, then Bocas is the ideal destination for you. With all types of restaurants and a wide price range, from different parts of the world, you can spend your whole trip eating at different places, all with excellent food, without getting bored. A lot of people are surprised by the variety and quality of the Bocas restaurants that offer local, Italian, Indian, Thai, Mediterranean, Chinese, American, Mexican, International, Gourmet and Creative cuisine. We also have several supermarkets as well as a gourmet one, where you can find the finest ingredients, wines and liquors, fresh organic produce, meats, prepared foods, bread and a wide range of ethnic specialties at great prices.

As you may see, Bocas has a lot to offer as a cultural experience, being a really unique destination, so what are you waiting for? Come visit!