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Many people think only governments must do something to stop climate change and environmental destruction, mistake! We can all do small things every day, small efforts of billions of people will become in enormous changes.

One of the practices that produce more damage to the environment is the use of plastic bags. Plastic takes decades to degrade, a lot of it goes to the sea and marine animals get tangled or suffocate with them, as well as birds. It is very easy to carry recyclable bag in your purse or car, which you can get in many businesses and environmental organizations. Once at the supermarket or store, you say you do not want plastic bag and use yours, is that easy. With this single effort, you can stop using hundreds of plastic bags a year.

Try it! At first, some will look at you with puzzled face, but others may imitate you and go spreading this practice until we make plastic bags a thing of the past.

Love and care for our home, it’s the only one we have.

Happy Earth Day!

By: Darla Thomas

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