Sustainability Program

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Sustainability as a model of development implies the need to satisfy the requirements of today's society without making it impossible to future societies, the opportunity to meet theirs.

In tourism, sustainability is a prerequisite to successfully compete and survive in the future. Ecological degradation and social crisis have an impact on public awareness that forces us to rethink our daily action. That is why in the Gran Hotel Bahia have decided to focus on improving our services every day, relying on tourism sustainability.

To that end, we have been developing a Sustainable Tourism Program which involves the preservation of our culture, architecture and natural environment.

Consistent with this program we have been improving, at a high cost, comfort and convenience of the rooms, keeping the structural and architectural character of the building that houses the hotel and already celebrated its centenary and is still strong despite the ravages of time.

Also, in an effort to protect the environment, we are establishing actions to reduce energy consumption and the volume of our potable water and the wastewater discharged into the community system.

To this end, we have been investing heavily in the acquisition and installation of equipment to improve efficiency in delivering public services. Among them, filters, storage tanks, pumps and pressure tanks to improve quality and ensure the continued provision of adequate water pressure. Additionally, we have installed a collection and storage system for rain water to use as reserve in high demand dates.  You do not see these systems and equipment,  because they are installed in areas with restricted access.

However, you may notice in some other rooms fixtures of maximum quality and high efficiency, which use a tiny amount of water. You’ll also notice that we are offering biodegradable liquid soap, improving quality and decreasing the amount of wastewater that discharges into the water collection system of the city.

We would like to ask you part of that commitment, as it is an important factor to achieve the goals. For example, if you use water rationally while showering and turn off the lights and air conditioner every time you leave your room, we will be helping to save non-renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the environment.