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Happy Earth Day!

Many people think only governments must do something to stop climate change and environmental destruction, mistake! We can all do small things every day, small efforts of billions of people will become in enormous changes. One of the practices that produce more damage to the environment is the use of plastic bags. Plastic takes decades […]

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“Excellence in School” rewards

Starting in the 2013 academic year, Gran Hotel Bahía has instituted the program “Excellence in School” to reward those children of employees who maintain good grades. Yesterday, Epiphany, we want to congratulate our 2013 recipients John, Michell, Yilaris and Kathiana, as well as to their proud parents, Aquilino, Yeni and Maritza. See images below.

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Bocas del Toro: Unique and incomparable cultural destination

Bocas del Toro has a totally different culture from the rest of the country, in every aspect: the food, the music, the architecture and the history of Bocas are unmatched in the national context, just as is its ethnical composition, that has generated its own language, the guari-guari, with variations depending on the island or […]

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Bocas del Toro, more than beaches.

At first, Bocas del Toro was just a sun and beach kind of destination, but it has evolved until becoming an internationally renowned ecotouristic spot, because of its biological diversity, the existence of the Bastimentos Island Marine National Park and the virgin and semi-virgin state of lots of areas. Among the ecotouristic activities you can […]

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Bocas del Toro, the perfect spot for your vacations

Whatever your idea of a vacation is:  resting, exploring, adventures, beaches, diving, fishing, partying, culture, architecture, history or great cuisine, Bocas del Toro has something for you.  You can bring your family.  Small children and seniors can also enjoy this tiny paradise.  It’s the ideal place to travel with friends and have lots of fun […]

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Defining our Mission

At the workshop, with the participation of prof. Roberto Jean-François , acting as facilitator, we took on the task of defining, together, our corporate mission. The active participation of all our collaborators showed that it is a committed team that will carry forward the principles derived from it, thus ensuring the complete satisfaction of all […]

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Sustainability Program

In tourism, sustainability is a prerequisite to successfully compete and survive in the future. Ecological degradation and social crisis have an impact on public awareness that forces us to rethink our daily action. That is why in the Gran Hotel Bahia have decided to focus on improving our services every day, relying on tourism sustainability. […]

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